John McMahon

  • Product Manager

  • User Experience Expert

  • Lean Practitioner

  • Former Engineer

  • Simplifier of Lives


portfolio: Audience 3D at NetBase

Led team of 8 (5 engineers, 2 testers and 1 designer) from product concept to market for Audience 3D, a social audience analysis tool that increases user engagement of ad campaigns for digital marketers. Before A3D, digital marketers weren't satisfied with how they built audiences and targeted them on social media. A3D allowed them to define engaged audiences from psychographics, such as people who are passionate about a brand and show high purchase intent for one of its products, and surface messaging and images known to move and resonate with them. With A3D, digital marketers achieved 2.5x engagement rate for ad campaigns. The product generated $600K in sales in its first six month – the most successful product launch in company history!

portfolio: crusheD at crushed

Responsible for the product management efforts and a team of 4 (2 engineers, 1 tester and 1 designer) for this social wine app that answered the simple question "What should I drink tonight?" for wine drinkers. Before Crushed, wine drinkers stood frustrated in front of an in-store wine selection and made purchasing decisions based on wine labels or unhelpful tasting notes from staff. Crushed armed these wine enthusiasts with the necessary information to make personalized and informed purchases. Specifically, they got wine recommendations from friends and influencers, tracked their favorites, and learned about specific wines in real-time. We knew we were onto something when our users were 40% more likely to make a wine purchase that they were happy with.

portfolio: patient access intelligence at medeanalytics

Oversaw team of 12 (8 engineers, 3 testers and 1 designer) for Patient Access Intelligence, a productivity tool that addresses delinquent patient accounts for healthcare providers. Before PAI, healthcare providers lost a significant amount of money on these accounts where the patient fails to pay for rendered services. PAI captured these forfeited dollars by front-loading the patient account lifecycle with employees who are responsible for registering patients before their arrival. Between the registration workflow, third party integrations and error detection, healthcare providers increased collections by 16% and saw 23% more patients with PAI. This product grew to $400K MRR, or by 150%, during my time managing it.


John is driven and a creative, agile product manager. He has been instrumental in the most successful product launch in the company’s history with Audience 3D. Credit goes to his data-driven decisions, customer first design and lean approach to product development. John is not only a great product guy but also an excellent team player, who cares about the people he works with and the culture of the company.
— Ranjeet Bhatia, Vice President of Product Management, NetBase
I’ve worked with John for two years at NetBase and have been impressed with his dedication to his work. On the Data Science team we often build tools that require a good user experience, and John has been invaluable for giving us feedback on UI design and workflows that make sense to an end user. When it comes to defining a project, John is able to go through real data and give specific guidelines on expected results. He is also able to identify areas where a project could be scaled back to minimize scope and expedite release of a first version. John has shown great enthusiasm in collaborating with my team, and we’ve enjoyed working with him.
— Karin Golde, Director of Data Science, NetBase
John is one of the few PMs who genuinely advocates for objectively measuring the quality of the user experience in order to check assumptions and make space for improvements. He’s great at keeping track of all the moving parts of an intricate engineering project, and has the empathy to ensure everyone is on the same page. I enjoyed working closely with John at NetBase, and would love to work with him again.
— Edward Lazzarin, Data Engineer, Facebook
John is a very diligent and committed individual who took his job responsibilities very seriously. I had initially recruited him as a user interface engineer and he did an excellent job in implementing a new enterprise-SaaS product using the state of the art web technologies. After he became the Product Manager for the same product, he worked with all the stakeholders and created very precise and well-defined specifications that served both the development team and the customer teams effectively. John is very passionate about the user-interaction and in providing value to the customers while factoring in the costs. With this experience, his eagerness to learn quickly and willingness to work with all the teams, John would make an excellent Product Manager.
— Arun Rajanala, Vice President of Product Design and Architecture, Callidus Cloud


I simplify lives through products.

By combining my passion for user experience design and lean practices with my product management experience, I build compelling products for users and positive business outcomes for their stakeholders. The road to product success involves getting clear on the pain points and underserved needs of users and validating product ideas in the easiest, cheapest way. Being an effective product manager means managing by influence with solid business rationale and creatively solving problems with limited resources. Whether generating growth or revenue, I get an offering right by empathizing with users, learning from their usage and having a pulse on competitors and the industry.

In my free time, I can be found in front of a good read, hosting a meetup for product managers, immersed in a foreign culture, creating from a kitchen, charging down a ski slope or seeking out my next adrenaline-fueled adventure.

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Specialties: Product and project/program management, user experience design, usability design, agile methodologies, jobs to be done and lean startup product development, data-based decisions, analytics, operations management, mobile applications

PM Fast track

PM Fast Track is short for Product Management Fast Track.

I run this meetup group of 4,000 product people. We help product managers level up their skill set to lead teams in building compelling products for users and positive business outcomes for their stakeholders. We fulfill this mission by providing actionable insights from industry veterans and networking and coaching opportunities with seasoned PMs. We get together for monthly talks featuring product leaders from across the country.

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